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  1. Just a tad curious :p whats everyone's opinion on these Starter Donkeys?
  2. It can be 5k or it can be 50.

    The market on them isnt very good cuz they are just fancy named donkies with terrible stats (unless of course you happen to get one woth 30hp, like i did)

    So a normal one (16-27hp) would range 5k-10k
    A derp one (15hp) would get 50k
    A high health one (28-29hp) can possibly be 75k
    I belive i own the only 30hp one, and because i will not sell it, it currently doesnt have a price.(but its probably gonna be pretty high tbh)

    Hope this helps you ;)
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  3. Lol, people will buy them for whatever price they are willing to pay, and most people don't buy this kind of donkey for its stats xD
    What is a dancer? What is a valens? Fancy named horses. People don't buy these things for stats unless they are breeding them to get more good horses. The people who will buy these things for the price they are worth are collectors.
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  4. @Runder: Dancer and Valens kinda are horses meant for breeding

    These horses could be worth maybe 10k tops unless they have a different stat that's special about them. To ex about the 30 health: in the end of the day, you could say it's worth a lot but it's only worth what someone is willing to pay. I do agree that high health is a good selling point though, so you could possibly get a good sum of money out of iy
  5. @dufne apparently neither of us are good enough for the reply button.

    So you go out and you buy an unused valens for breeding, do you really? You are kind of forgetting that not *everyone* breeds horses. Sure I might use mine to breed occasionally but I dont have them to breed, I have them as something cool. If I started pricing dancers or dashers at prices for breeding horses you could probably get alot more for them.
  6. I mean, I just didn't want to snip out the part of your post I wasn't responding to because I'm on mobile

    I have personally seen people asking to buy used horses specifically for breeding. You may not be a bigshot horse breeder, but those who are do look for those high stat promo horses
  7. I'm on mobile too lol

    I have also seen people do this, alot less than people buying them for the actual item itself. It makes sense of course for a "bigshot" breeder to go after the high stat promos, but if you want to use the word bigshot try bigshot promo/rare collectors.
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  8. mobile buddies \o/

    Some people that set up those big public breeding areas strive for used ones simply because it's not worth paying extra for a used one if you'll spawn it anyway. For those 1.6 update horses, they are definitely the target of promo collectors over dancers and dashers. Still, both groups try to buy them. A mixed audience, if you will
  9. More of a collectors thing I think. I paid 15k I think for mine. Could care less for the stats just wanted it because it was a variation of the starter horse.
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  10. Lol

    K I'll settle on that ground xD

    (Kloned is one of the people I was describing lol)
  11. Im mobile too

    Also didnt u say u would sell u starter donkies to me for 75k :eek:
    And arent they both like 20 health? If u willin to do 10k ill take em off yer hands :)
  12. I personally would have bought one had I not gotten some by spawning my own and trading a regular starter horse for another. Still, probably wouldn't pay over 15k for one considering how they are fairly common (unlike donkey rudolphs and 1.6 horses)
  13. My roof of my house is filled with those things

  14. What are 1.6 horses and how do u get a donkey rudolph :eek:
  15. 75k? That's a little much :p I don't think that was me, but if it was, I'm sorry. Dear bandit, don't pay that much =P

    I'd rather keep them for showcase in my promo cellar seeing how they wouldn't be worth much to sell anyway :p

    (Sorry for double post, mobile doesn't like edits. I'll try to delete and c/p it over)

    1.6 horses are just a lazy way to say the horses that came out with the 1.6 update. Inc, Valens, and Saltar. Donkey rudolphs are pure luck. There was a way to force spawn them as donkeys but all offenders of that bug were banned
  16. Aww ok

    How about one? Not both :3
  17. And ifeel like donkey dashers and dancers are impossible ive spawned 20 dancers and 5 dashers (from unspawned eggs)
  18. you use to be able to get donkey incitatus's aswell :p