[Price Check] Starter Donkey

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by PlasmaBanana, Jan 11, 2016.

  1. So how much is this worth? I traded a used chicken skewer for this and i want to know if it was worth it or not. Thanks!

    Speed: 70.00
    Jump: 50.00
    Health: 25.00
  2. Well it's used and it has average stats for a donkey. Those stats make it a dime a dozen, you got taken.
  3. well it would have to be used. u cant tell if it's a donkey when it is unopened
  4. Starter donkey still have a spawn chance from starter horse eggs. I think they follow the vanilla spawn chance horses vs donkey.
    They are not limited in their potential supply. Unlike Donkey versions of the promo horses which are very finite.
  5. Sold mine for 50k. I guess it's around that?
  6. Depending on how used the chicken skewer was, sounds like a fair trade.
  7. I want it :eek: if you give me a price, I might buy it. :)