[Price Check] Staff Heads

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  1. i was wondering what these are worth now, and if the price dropped or went up.
    Thx for your help :)

    Uber_Corq Head
    chickeneer Head
    RainbowChin PvP Head
    Aikar's 12/23/13 Drop Party Head
    Maxarian Head
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  2. if you are asking for the maxarian head that you can use to summon fire its worth 20k
  3. Chin PVP is anywhere from 50-150k, depending on the buyer.
    Chickeneer (probably) isn't worth much, he trades them to anyone who politely asks to trade for their head.
  4. is the fire thing a 1 time use?
  5. no its every 7 hours i believe i could be wrong,it will tell you when you click the head again after using it
  6. Chickeneer head is around 200-250k. It goes for more than a Chin pvp head due to the fact he's never on. Also has stopped giving then out for free a while back I believe but can't confirm that. All speculative but it's always handy to know :)
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  7. I just got one from him the other day because i sent my head to him :p
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  8. guys the fire maxarian heads are 35k not 20k maybe even more than 35 tbh
  9. I did as well, a few weeks ago. He's not on often though.
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