[PRICE CHECK] Some voters gear

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  1. so because of some stuff that happend i would like to know what people think its worth and if i really
    lost some rupees with a trade.

    Full voters armor --> ?
    Voters Axe --> ?
    Voters Shovel --> ?
    Voters Hoe --> ?
    Voters Shears --> ?

    Plz tell me what the price would be for those

    I traded all this for:
    Purple kryssy head
    Marlix chestplate
    2 Mineral Mincers

    was this a good trade, or did i rip someone of or did i get ripped of.
    I do not mind if i got under payed.
  2. Armor is 70K per piece (280K Full Set)
    Most tools and such (Iron) are 80K per
    Most tools and such (Diamond) are 90K per
    I am wrong. Look here-http://empireminecraft.com/threads/voters-gear-price-estimates-and-tips.59797/
  3. Price-wise, it's a fair deal. Also depends on whose voter's stuff you offered. If it was someone famous or within a team/staff in EMC, the worth of that gear skyrockets.

    Personally though, i think you got the better end of the deal item-wise. But that's only because i don't find voter's gear to be a valuable collector's item.
    That being said, if you offered your own gear... Then i would be obliged to say that you got ripped off =P this here is also personal opinion--you only ever get one of every voter's stuff once, as a reward for voting. You won't ever get any gear officially stamped with your own name again. But some people don't care about this. After all, every voter's gear has worse stats than what anyone could make with exp and and an anvil, or even a lucky table-enchantment (besides for the fishing rod--it has the highest stats currently available).

    So to sum it up: it depends on whose voter's gear you gave up, and if it was your own gear, it depends on if you care about your own gear.
  4. well it was an alt, and im not well known :p
    so i guess it was fair :p