[Price Check] Random stuff in my vault

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  1. So I am just trying to figure out some of the equity I have stored in my vault, not that I would really sell any of it.. o3o

    Empire Firework (2012 New Years Firework) - the one that isn't soulbound
    Independence Day Firework 2013
    Empire Firework (2013 New Years)
    Independence Day Firework 2014
    Empire Firework (2014 Independence Day)
    Empire Firework (2014 New Years)
    Turkey Slicer (2013 Promo)
    Turkey Slicer (2014 Thanksgiving Turkey Rare Drop)
    Ham Hacker (2014 Promo)
    Everlasting Axestopper (60k Gear)
    Ore Buster (60k Gear) @ ~91% remaining durability (I already had a discussion about this months ago in where each % point of durability used dropped its value by 10% making it worthless at 90% remaining durability and that I would need to pay people to take it at any durability <90%.. xD )
    Independence Day gear (2014) - Head, Top, Pants, Boot (Not Boxed)
    Freedom Blade (2014 Independence Day)
    Remembrance Poppy
    Holiday Candle
    Rudolph (Used and re-egged) (2013 Holiday Horse)
    Dancer (Unused) (2014 Holiday Horse)
    Emergency Snow Clearing Device
    Promo Instructions
    Lucky Bow x2
    Cupid's Bow x3
    Love Potion No. 9
    Cupid's Arrows x5 stacks
    Magical Eggcellent Wand x3
    Pi Pie (3.14.15 celebration)
    Book of Colors (Special Max Signature Promo)
    Maxarian Head
    Maxarian Shoes (Currently on loan to a museum)
    2014 Birthday Cake
    2015 Birthday Cake
    ICC Valentine's Day Head
    Getting Started journal
    Labor Bench (2013 model)
    Empire Assistant
    Netherhound x2
    Vault Voucher x4
    Haunted Head (Has dispensed candy)
    Headless Horseman Head x2
    Tales of Eternia (Special Aikar Signature event book)
    Dragon Stones x2
    Taste the Freedom x5
    Cooked Turkey x11
    IcecreamCow Flesh x2
    IcecreamCow Skin x2
    Feast for a King
    Pot of Gold x6

    ...I would list my head collection but I have very few heads and they probably aren't worth alot anyways.. xD
  2. any chance you would sell the ICC flesh and skin at 10K?
  3. Random? More like a never-before seen museum xD