[Price Check] Purple Text "Notch Apple", Voter's Bow

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  1. Hey all. Quick one for anyone who knows. I have an old enchanted golden apple from the days when it was still called a "Notch Apple". Shiny item texture, and purple mouseover text on it, so it's not a player-made forgery. I think they are uncommon, possibly quite rare now. Anyone know what it is worth?

    Also, anyone know what [Lucky] Bows are going for nowadays? I've seen 80k on some old threads, but that seems a bit high. They last nearly forever, but mine is going to break in probably the next few hundred uses and I need to buy a new one.

    Thanks in advance :)

    EDIT: Meant Lucky Bow.
  2. not a whole lot. I hear you can still find these apples as rare dungeon loot. Though they are uncraftable since 1.9.
  3. As far as I know, these apples are completely unobtainable. You can get ones labeled "Enchanted Golden Apple" but this one is the old kind, labeled "Notch Apple".
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  4. Picture?
  5. Yeah I should have posted it first. This is the one I'm asking about. It is quite old.

    As opposed to this one, the last generation of enchanted apples, craftable with gold blocks.

    Or this one, the currently craftable unenchanted golden apple.

  6. Voter's bows are indestructible, just open your inventory and click on it and it should update to look like it's supposed to. If you have a voters bow that really is taking damage, PM the devs, as this should not be happening.
  7. Voters bows are unbreakable. Are you talking about a Lucky Bow?
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  8. Yes, sorry, that was a typo. I meant a Lucky Bow. Edited original post.
  9. That's just a (player) renamed enchanted Golden Apple, therefor it'll be worth the same price as a regular one. The italics gives this away, if you rename an enchanted golden apple then it will keep the purple text but as with all player renamed things they'll turn italic.

    (edit): It could even be worth less than a regular enchanted golden apple, depending on behavior. If you rename a book & quill it'll loose its functionality; you can no longer open it to write into (this is vanilla behavior). There's more: renaming items on EMC can have side effects as well. If you rename an iron block you can no longer craft it back into iron ingots, not even if you reset the name (this is not vanilla behavior).

    So yeah.. In the end this is not a special item but a renamed one. Depending on behavior (I don't know) it'll be worth the same as a regular enchanted golden apple or a lot less.
  10. I think if you delete the renamed name, as in delete all characters from the box on an anvil and don't put new ones in (so iron blocked named xxxx, get rid of all characters and don't type Iron Block, once all characters are deleted, check the output box, it should be returned to the non-italic original name, unless something changed since the last time I did this :)
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  11. Thanks for clearing that up for me, ShelLuser. I did not know that renaming mechanics allowed the text to stay purple.

    That thing has been sitting in a chest on my res since early 2014. I never had a use for them myself, as I prefer (much cheaper) potions, so I believed that the name was an oddity of EMC and crafting recipes at the time.

    I think I'm going to frame it anyway, as a curiosity. It's probably the only thing in my storage that hasn't rotated out since before I built my main res.
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