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  1. Hello everyone I had recently done a trade and received the following items (ALL these items I would like priced, if that could happen that would be amazing! :)

    -Cake Parkour Event (ICC Birthday Voucher)
    -New Years 2012 firework
    -Independence Pants chest
    -2013 Labor Bench
    -Freedom Blade chest
    -x2 Cupid Bundles

    Note: This is not a selling thread and anyone who asks to buy should be ashamed of them selves (JK but please don't post that you will buy so and so. So until the items are posted on my promo selling thread just don't .-. TY! http://empireminecraft.com/threads/selling-promos.50510/ <----- Selling promos link!
  2. -Cake Parkour Event (ICC Birthday Voucher): This item used to go for as little as 5k or so, but I'd be surprised if they went for under 10k now. In fact, I haven't seen them in a while, so they may even be at around 20k? It's hard to say, they haven't gone around in a while.
    -New Years 2012 firework: Last I heard, these were going for at least 35k.
    -Independence Pants chest: 50k+
    -2013 Labor Bench: 25-30k
    -ESCD: 30k
    -Freedom Blade chest: 65k
    -x2 Cupid Bundles: 60k (each)
  3. I`ll bu, nahh :p
    ESDC Should be 30k i think
    And 2 cupid bundles around 100k, Thats all i know ;)