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  1. The following promos will be up for trade or sell
    Note: All prices are negotiable. Also all promos are unused unless stated otherwise.
    x2 Ham hackers -38k (Each)
    x2 ESCD -38k (Each)
    x1 Cupid Bundles -54k
    x15 Cupid Arrow Stacks (1024 arrows) -3k (Each stack)
    x3 Unused Dancers -35k (Each)
    x4 Cupid Bow -15k (Each)
    x1 Blizz Ard's Nose -246k
    x4 Empire 2014 firework -26k (Each)
    x1 ID 2014 Firework -26k
    x4 Dragon Stones -20k (Each)
    x6 Holiday Candles -16k (Each)
    x10 Remembrance Poppy -14k (Each)
    x2 Feast for a King -24k (Each)
    x1 Stable Voucher -11k
    x2 ICC skin -4k (Each)
    x3 ICC flesh -4k (Each)
    x2 Taste the Freedom -4k (Each)

    Used Cupid -8k
    Magical eggcelent wand -20k
    RainbowChin PVP head -498k
    Full ID armor set -2=198k
    Note: All prices are negotiable. Also all promos are unused unless stated otherwise.
    Msg me in-game or in forums, or just post here.
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  2. I'll take the used Cupid for 8k, I'll come on and pay now :)
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  3. Ok also another NOTE if you would like I do mail
  4. Once payment is made I can set up access chest or mail you the set
  5. Either mail or deliver to my res on SMP9 is fine, go for whichever is easiest :) Paying now, you'll see it come up
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  6. Ty Cupid has been sent
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  7. Quick and easy service, received the item already - I recommend to anyone else :) Thanks E3cho!
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  8. I would like a stack of Cupid Arrows mail to me, Please.
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  9. Ty, the arrows have been sent
  10. Thank You
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  11. Sorry, I'm actually going to pass on this.
  12. OK, thanks anyway. :)
  13. Bump! Still many promos left! Reminder: I do trades also!
  14. ID armor set, ICC items, taste the freedom, dancer, and Blizz ards nose have all been dropped a few thousand! Get ehm while they last!!!!
  15. New Skin, Cool, Sorry off topic. Couldn't help myself. ;)
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  16. Bump. Lowered prices on remembrance poppy, holiday candle and more!!! Come an get them!
  17. I'll buy all your Cupid Bows!

    4x15 = 60,000r total

    I'll pay when I got online
  18. All will be mailed shortly after payment is made :)
  19. I can has 2x Feasts, 2x ICC Skin, and 2x ICC flesh, please..? :3

    4,000 (4k) x 6 = 24,000 Payment pending (will send shortly) + 150 shipping/handling