[PRICE CHECK] Promo Collection

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  1. Wondering what's the price for my promos now, seeing that I have been away for a while :p
    I'm not interested in selling them, maybe when the time is right, I would like to hoard them for a while more. :p

    Starter Set x1
    Haunted Head x5
    60k Amour Set x1
    Turfinator x1
    Flaming Mob Launcher x1
    Everlasting Axestopper x1
    Orebuster x4
    Spooky Egg x1
    Incitatus Unspawned x1
    Incitatus Spawned x1
    Valen Unspawned x1
    Valen Spawned x1
    Saltar Unspawned x1
    Saltar Spawned x1
    Ruldolph x1
    Netherhound x2
    Stable Voucher x3
    Vault Voucher x3
    Promo Instructions x1
    ICC Cake Parkour Voucher x1
    Eggnog x1
    ICC skin x1
    ICC flesh x1
    2013 New Year Firework x1
    Turkey Slicer 2013 x2
    2013 Iday Firework x4
    2012 New Year Firework x2
    Lucky Bow x2
    Cupids Bow x3
    Rememberance Poppy x1
    Valentines Day Rose sell to shop ver x1
    Valentines Day Rose Aikar Dp ver x1
    Super Dragon Poop x1
    Aikar DP head x1
    Maxarian Head x1
    Dancers x5
    Feast for a King x1
    Cooked Turkey x2
    Taste the Freedom x3
    Iday Armour Set x1
    Iday Helmet (extra) x1
    Freedom Blade x1
    Freedom Blade Do Not Claim x2
    Iday Firework 2014 x2
    Iday Empire Firework 2014 x1
    ESCD x6
    Holiday Candle x2
    Magical Eggcellent Wand x1
    HamHacker x2
    Labour Bench 2013 x2
    Labour Bench 2014 x2
    Headless Horsemen Mask x2
    Birthday Cake x10
    Cupid Bundle (Chest) x1
    Cupid's Egg x1
    Cupid's Arrows x5 (Stacks)
    Love Potion No.9 x1
    Pi Pies x2
    Pot of Gold x2

    Thanks in advance :D
  2. you have escd? if so I'd like a price check :)
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  3. If I mark something "?" it means I don't know or the price is shaky, everything else will be rupees and at unit price.
    Starter Set x1- ?
    Haunted Head x5- 33,000
    60k Amour Set x1- 160,000 (per armor piece)
    Turfinator x1- 170,000
    Flaming Mob Launcher x1- 170,000
    Everlasting Axestopper x1- 160,000
    Orebuster x4- 180,000
    Spooky Egg x1- 30,000
    Incitatus Unspawned x1- 150,000
    Incitatus Spawned x1- 50,000
    Valen Unspawned x1- 150,000
    Valen Spawned x1- 45,000
    Saltar Unspawned x1- 150,000
    Saltar Spawned x1- 45,000
    Ruldolph x1- Spawned: 30,000, Unspawned: 80,000
    Netherhound x2- 80,000
    Stable Voucher x3- 11,000
    Vault Voucher x3- 12,000
    Promo Instructions x1- 100,000
    ICC Cake Parkour Voucher x1- 15,000
    Eggnog x1- 1,250,000
    ICC skin x1- 5,000
    ICC flesh x1- 5,000
    2013 New Year Firework x1- 30,000
    Turkey Slicer 2013 x2- 50,000
    2013 Iday Firework x4- 25,000
    2012 New Year Firework x2- 50,000
    Lucky Bow x2- 35,000
    Cupids Bow x3- 12,000
    Rememberance Poppy x1- 10,000
    Valentines Day Rose sell to shop ver x1- ?
    Valentines Day Rose Aikar Dp ver x1- ?
    Super Dragon Poop x1- 35,000
    Aikar DP head x1- 35,000
    Maxarian Head x1- 15,000
    Dancers x5- 30,000
    Feast for a King x1- 20,000
    Cooked Turkey x2- 1,000
    Taste the Freedom x3- 2,000
    Iday Armour Set x1- 50,000 (per armor piece)
    Iday Helmet (extra) x1- 50,000
    Freedom Blade x1- 32,000
    Freedom Blade Do Not Claim x2- 30,000
    Iday Firework 2014 x20 18,000
    Iday Empire Firework 2014 x1- 18,000
    ESCD x6- 35,000
    Holiday Candle x2- 8,000
    Magical Eggcellent Wand x1- 20,000
    HamHacker x2- 30,000
    Labour Bench 2013 x2- 25,000
    Labour Bench 2014 x2- 18,000
    Headless Horsemen Mask x2- 25,000
    Birthday Cake x10- 15,000
    Cupid Bundle (Chest) x1- 55,000
    Cupid's Egg x1- Spawned: 8,000, Unspawned: 30,000
    Cupid's Arrows x5 (Stacks)- 10,000 (For all the stacks)
    Love Potion No.9 x1- 50,000+
    Pi Pies x2- 12,000
    Pot of Gold x2- 14,000
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  4. over more than one rupee
  5. That totals 6,015,000r for everything, minus the ?'d items.
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  6. WOW
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  7. Thanks :)
  8. What does the love potion 9 do exactly?
    I am guessing it has unlimited uses?
  9. 6 mil or more IF you find buyers for everything. Keep in mind, the prices are just rough market value, might not be what you can sell them for exactly
  10. Whats a Valen?
  11. Short for valentine I think (Shrug)