[PRICE CHECK] Permanent Derelict Voucher

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  1. Price is $100 U.S. dollars or your native equivalent.
  2. I am looking for the price in-game :p
  3. Last i heard its 1 million r.
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  4. 1.2 mill up to 1.5 mill depends on the seller
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  5. It always depends on the buyer (not the seller perse ;)) but I'd estimate this on 1.5 to 2 million easily. For the very simple fact that this item is basically non-existent in the game. And that means that once it does show people will flock to it. I've seen as much in a recent auction which a friend of mine held, that went pretty out of control pretty fast.

    So if you put this up for an auction... Yah, my estimate is that it'll reach 2 million easily.

    Warning though: if you're looking for ways to "liquidize" your IRL currency then I wouldn't bet on this voucher but instead go for the "6 dia for $100" instead. One dia voucher goes for approx. 600k - 700k. Lets say 650k for the heck of it. Now, times six makes: 3,900,000. A "little" more ;)

    Hope this helps!
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  6. Last I had seen, diamond vouchers go for about 300-350k :)
  7. I'm getting old :p
  8. Well, I saw someone selling diamond vouchers for 350k, and I know I thought "Wow that's cheap..." So I think it is around 400k per or so. Just multiply that by five. 1.75 M.

    I remember when I bought my diamond voucher from someone in December 2014, I payed 200k for it and that turned out to be a ripoff. =P
  9. Diamond Vouchers have been going for 315-350k now, they're decreasing :( I've seen those sorts of prices in stock on forums over the past few days

    I think the vouchers are ball park between 1 and 2 mil, simply due to their rarity, not many people buy them, and when they do, they tend to use them rather than sell them in-game