[Price Check] Ore Buster

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  1. Now with players like xHaro_Der gone.. (he had like a DC of ore busters..), how much does the price of ore busters cost now? I thought they were 120k but my friend said 400k.. nevertheless I want to see other players.
  2. 90-100k, Haro getting banned doesnt really effect the other bunches of players sitting upon DCs
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  3. Yeah, I really don't think they are even worth 100k, but they are worth what people will buy them for. I know a certain Fendy who is sitting on a sc of them
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  4. I do not sit on any orebusters. I sit on chairs.
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  5. To be completely honest, I managed to buy one for 19k only because I'm actually going to use it and not sell it (and yes, those were actual conditions of the purchase) but the average price I've seen lately is around 55k minimum. Of course, that was about 2 months ago. I have no clue how much they went up in that time. It still averages around to 80 to 90k from the latest I've seen though.
  6. I have an auction for an Ore Buster going on atm, and it is at 96k, which, I think is a reasonable price for one.
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  7. Anywhere upwards of 90k seems to be the going rate. I have seen them sold for as high as 115-120k.
  8. Haro is no longer in possession of ore busters, but they are safe. Someone is holding on to them.
  9. Yeah. They're in the economy, just not with me. Price shouldn't be affected.
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