[price check] Momentus's Helmet

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by luckycordel, Aug 26, 2015.

  1. Didn't know he dropped his Armor, was curious what its worth.
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  2. Its not even on the wiki?
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  3. This is the first one I've seen anyone get.
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  4. I assume it's the equivalent of a marlix armor piece. I'd buy it off you if your selling.
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  5. I'll buy it for more than what he's paying :p
  6. I doubt that xD smp5, 10695, walk forward. But we don't even know if its for sale.
  7. I can't sell on this thread, thanks though! I'll keep you both in mind when I do
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  8. It's a promo collection? I dont see why i bothered coming here :p
  9. I was talking to Kaptrix xD, sorry my quoting feature never works and I forgot how to ddo it manually
  10. I see they've begun using attributes to newer items (the +2 max health). That means, get ready for a new string of promo types with newer effects/bonuses.
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  11. It's not on the Wiki because nobody on the Contribution Team even knew it was an item, until I saw this thread... :p
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  12. Back off Fendy! ;)
  13. Are you already on the case? :p
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  14. It's mine! :mad:
  15. Have seen some before but not in mass I have seen 2 I own one so I think you are the 2nd who owns one I could meet you in game and tell you the real price :)
  16. +2 Max Health? Woah! Does that Helmet give you 2 Extra Hearts?... OP
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  17. While the Contribution Team wrestle in the corner... lol
  18. FINALLY!!!! Been waiting for ages for someone to get one.
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  19. it gives an extra heart! awesome
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