[Price Check] Mint/green/2013 Aikar Signature

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by jewel_king, Dec 13, 2015.

  1. Price of the 2013 Aikar Signature
  2. It's worth lots O' rupees
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  3. Probably a small loan of a million dollars
  4. Uh ok xD

  5. It's a Donald trump joke look it up
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  6. oh i dont know much about polatics
  7. Do you live in America?
  8. Lmao +1 for that
  9. I haven't seen one of these sold before, but as there were only 16 and it's quite old now, expect it to fetch a fair price! :) You're the one that managed to trade for one so you'll have more of an idea of what you can get it for than anyone else :p
  10. Aactuly There was 1 Other that sold about 5 months ago
  11. I said that I haven't personally seen one sold :p But, if there was one other, could you please intrigue us as to how much it went for? Cheers :)
  12. Maybe 500k? Seems like a bit collector item
  13. Was sold with a few other item I can remember the price it might have been 250k
  14. Aikar estimated that about 16 were released, making them as rare as a Purple Krysyy Head. Because people are silly and charge way too much for things like that, there's no doubt that you could get 700k out of it.
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  15. Ok :p

    Btw i know of atleast 3 that were deleted by derelict res's