[PRICE CHECK] Max res voucher

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  1. Does anyone know of a fair price on a max res voucher? I haven't seen any sold recently but I was thinking they'd be around 1.5m
  2. Ya that seems about the price I've seen.
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  3. Agreed. They're quite rare, also because you can't buy them directly. So I'd definitely put them within the 1,5 or maybe even 1,8 million range. My take: a little more than the permanent derelict voucher because you can get that one either in-game or through the supporters page.
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  4. bump, still looking for opinions :)
  5. Yeah, as previously mentioned, I'd say about 1.5m :) Still crying because I sold mine for 300k a long, long time ago :)
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  6. Quick question: What is this Max Res Voucher...?
  7. Please feel free to use the Wiki custom items pages, all details on custom items should be available there for you :) Here's the link for the page you're looking for: https://empireminecraft.com/wiki/max-res-upgrade/
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  8. Huh, so it will probably make a return due to the EULA changes we'll have sooner or later, I bet. Thanks FDNY21, quick response and all. :)
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  9. That was because of the EULA back in 2014, so I'm not sure what they'll be doing now. All I know is that they're still exceptionally rare! :p
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