[Price Check] Marlix's leggings

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by ShalomOut, Aug 13, 2014.

  1. So last night I found and killed a Marlix and got Marlix's Leggings. I was wondering how much they were worth to sell and if they were valuable. (And they are brand new)
  2. They are valuable. I'm estimating 30k, but 20-50k for sure.
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  3. Ok, thank you.
  4. Last auction I can remember, sold for 40k.
    This was back in June, so I don't know if the market has changed much.
    Also, I do not know if others have sold since then, but as always, use it as a benchmark!

    Well in july there was also another auction for 25k...
    Then this auction where they ..almost..went for 40k
  5. Thank you.

    So its general price is 30k to 45k correct?
  6. I would think that it is a fair market price of 30k-40k.
    Search the auctions and the buy/sell threads under the business section.

    As always, price depends on a couple things.
    1) Average 'shop' prices/perceived market value.
    2) How badly a player needs to sell an item.
    3) How badly players want the item.
  7. thank you.