[ Auction ] Marlix's Leggings

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  1. This will be the beginning of a series of auctions. I will be auctioning off the helmet first, then the chest plate, then the pants, then the boots, and then finally the bow. This is auction #3.

    Happy Bidding!
    Marlix's Leggings
    Starting Bid:
    Minimum Bid Increment:
    Auction Ending Time:
    24 hours after final bid

  2. why are those heads shiny
  3. Those heads are either Maxarian Heads or Shiny Aikar Heads, look them up on the Wiki if you do not know what they are, there is a button at the top and one in my Signature :)

    I suppose I just bumped the auction.

    Oh well, here's a 21,000r bid I suppose :p
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  4. Looks like you have won! Once I see that you have paid I will mail you the leggings right away :)
    Thanks for bidding!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.