[PRICE CHECK] Marlix/Momentus Gear

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  1. Hey everyone, I was wondering how much the Marlix/Momentus gear is going for now. Last I saw, it was going for 80k+ per piece, perhaps even 100k in some cases. I was wondering what all of you thought the prices were though, as I haven't seen any of them for sale for a while!

    So, price of the Marlix Bow, the individual Marlix Armour pieces and the Momentus' Toothpick? Thanks! :)
  2. Someone told me yesterday they sold a Marlix chestplate for 120k. I don't know if that's a normal price as I've never found one even on display anywhere, and I've been looking to buy one for a while.
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  3. Oh Fendy, you rascal.

    The custom mini bosses arent really as common anymore, which I find odd *looks at Aikar*. So knowing that I'd proudly buy a Marlix set for over 300k and a Momentus's toothpick for 150k.
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  5. What would you value the Marlix Bow at on its own? :p

    Thanks for the feedback so far you guys! :)
  6. I don't think that price has been updated since last July.
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  7. According to the page, it was updated this morning... Though the prices do look like ones from last July, I can see many, many items with estiamted prices very far off to how they actually are.
  8. Since he had just updated it I went off the assumption as to that they were all updated, but as I read through it I notice some prices being way off base. Which probably explains as to why I disagree with the Marlix prices.
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  9. Still haven't seen the marlix. :(
  10. This isn't about seeing Marlix, this is about the Special Mob Drop prices in this thread. :p
  11. I might be wrong when it comes to defining 'as common anymore' - but i have been out mining in the waste the last 2 days and had the red message and the scary sound 5 times by now.
  12. You're beyond lucky. I haven't seen a natural spawning Momentus or Marlix since tokens came out.
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  13. They spawn somewhat often for me (just fought one yesterday and a week ago which is my signature now), but rarely drop anything anymore. Which is why I would assume the prices have probably gone up from that thread last year. Someone told me my marlix bow was worth 60k. No one has ever mentioned how much my helmet would be worth.
  14. I might imagining things here as i am new - but it always happened when i was loaded and planning to head back to civilization - maybe there is a trigger for valuables in your inventory -just take some diamonds with you next time :D
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  15. I'd estimate marlix set around 140k per piece and the toothpick around 130k :)

    However, if you do not have patience searching for sellers you're probably going to look forward paying around the double since sellers for these items are VERY limited these days.
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  16. Thanks for the feedback everyone, looks like we're talking over 100k per piece now :)