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  1. Questions: What is a reasonable pay for employing a player for out-or-town work? Is it better to pay per project, pay for a certain amount of time worked, or some other description of r for labor?
    I will be providing supplies/provisions and doing any actual building and most of. Duties will be assisting me in exploring the surrounding area, lighting up caves and overland, and clearing out the mobs.

    Context: I have several large projects in planning for the frontier but I'm primarily a townie and so are most of my friends and this has become slightly problematic when several of these builds will require a lot caving and combat (Things I'm not good at & don't particularly enjoy).
    Note: These builds will be made public when completed so secrecy is not a big concern.
  2. I've hired my share of people and IMO it's best to pay per unit. So much per stack or chest, etc. That way if they do bail your not out money and they get more they more they work.
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  3. Hmm in general I agree but I'm not sure how to pay per unit when what I need is someone to go caving to add torches and kill monsters in an area. Maybe pay per X amount of blocks sufficiently lit up by torches?
  4. Oh lol ya that would be different. That might be a more long term thing. Like once lit up to satisfaction.
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  5. How about payment per successfully explored region? For instance, pay em for each time you've gotten your tasks done per trip. Kinda like hiring a body guard.
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  6. since time in real life does matter, it would be better to pay them every amount of minutes. that way they know if they hang around every so minutes they cash in on something. That way you just have to worry about the time and not the actual work. If the person(s) accept they know the risks, payment etc. That is how i do it. I never paid per trip, because it's unclear to the player, and some players get inpatient.
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  7. Let me clarify something. I'm not hiring a bodyguard & I'm not going to be with them doing the same thing the whole time, the employee will doing their own work while I do something else (assuming we are even on at the same time).

    Paying per trip or per amount of time is not practical because in this case if I use those methods I would have few practical ways to ensure I actually get what I paid for.

    Time does matter that's a big reason I'm thinking hiring someone; to me the point of paying for something is to reduce the amount of labor involved.

    So far no one as touched on the main question of this thread: what amount constitutes fair/good for out-of-town work.
    for the sake of expedience (based on the most practical suggestion so far) lets assume for the most part I'm paying r per X amount of blocks cleared of hostiles & sufficiently lit up by torches.
  8. Why don't you have the area you want explored/de-mobbed marked off. Then ask the person what amount they'd "like" to recieve. Then you counteroffer or not depending on the amount they'd "like".

    The exploring/ de-mobbing would be the area you've previously marked off and set coords for. At this time the handyman/handywomen would explore/clear mobs from top level to bed rock.

    So to sum it up. Mark the area, ask for their "fair" price at which point you may counteroffer. When amount is agreed upon work can start. Now this is payment for the entire area you marked off. Maybe set a time table. Should the person be unable to finish or quite. No payment will be provided, at which point you could higher someone to finish for a cheaper price.
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  9. You don't want to be there when someone messes with your land, personally I would watch every move of the player getting rid of mob spawn.

    Best way to clear hostility, you could spawn 250 entities to block further spawning of the perimeter. Or hastle 2 and farm all the ores and stone of the chunk.

    If you really want to do that you should pay him any ammount you want after the entities doesn't spawn by any methods he wants.
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  10. I had not thought of haggling, that would ensure a good deal on both sides of the equation.

    If this was an outpost I would agree but these builds are going to be made public after completion so players "messing with my land" is going to inevitable as soon as I announce how to get to the farms on the forums.
    I think I will try spawning 250 non-hostile entities for the earliest part of my 2nd project it sounds like it will allow me to put off hiring someone to help until after I find the spawn chunks (hoping for a double chunk) I'm looking for.