[Price Check] Kryssy's Valentine Wish book from 2016

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  1. If I've misspelled your name, I apologize deeply. I'm kinda half awake XD What do yall think this goes for? It's something she gave to those who had a Valentine's day chest from the Spread The Love event.
  2. Anyone have a clue what I'm talking about? Lol
  3. Sounds like a normal book rather than a custom one, so I'd imagine that it would be worth less than some of the custom books out there. I have about 5 or 6 different Krysyy books, and don't really know the values - they're just there to have, I've never really seen people selling them around :)
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  4. was this the book she gave away to nearly everyone at /love ?
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  5. Probably, yes.
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  6. Indeed it was. But not too many players actually got their own chest, that I'm aware of anyway. I just figured I'd ask about it to see what others thought. If anything, I would value it at 12k a pop. Idk. :eek:
  7. If you'd sell it for 12k (I'm not trying to persuade you, it's your own choice and book), I'd buy it :p (but if it's personal, then I think you should keep it)
  8. Well, I shall hold it for now, but my thinking is that 11-15k is a reasonable market value for something staff-related like a book. Lol I will keep your offer in mind though :)
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  9. Well over a 100 people got it so it's not worth much past 20k
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