[Price Check] IcC's Special Eggnog

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  1. Title says it all. I was wondering if IcecreamCow's demotion would affect the price. :)
  2. IcecreamCow's demotion should not affect the prize, the only change is that the Eggnog would be directed to Maxarias for redeeming rather than ICC. I would still aim the price at 150-200k. :)
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  3. Well, at least we know the Eggnog will not go down on price.
  4. What about icc skin?
  5. Will the value of the item change when you trade an 'original' eggnog for a new one?
    Or will you also be able to redeem 'original' eggnogs, just like the 'new' ones?
  6. What's the difference between original and new?
  7. Maxarias said in a /msg that she has a special promo planned for eggnog owners
  8. There is a new Eggnog?
  9. Maybe
  10. Sorry for the confusion, but I assumed that the old eggnog would just get the name replaced.
    But seeing these posts, I believe I was wrong.
    I am eager to hear of a new promo for eggnog holders, but'll see if it's going to be worth the trade :)
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  11. When and how did you get the eggnog? I don't remember the promo.
  12. It was not a promo, it was a special event item. Look it up on Wiki. Link to Wiki in my signature.

    Update for the Eggnog: Still awaiting to see price changes. The price seems stable as of now, but it may actually raise as time goes on. :)
  13. If I'm wrong please correct me but it was never a promo I think it was given out etc
  14. Ninja'd
  15. For those who do not know, here is a link to the ICC's Special Eggnog's Wiki Page. (Click the eggnog to be directed to it)