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  1. Hey Everyone I would just like to have a price check on ICC skin. It's leather and just says ICC Skin etc. I have about 17 of them and I was told they are worth quite a bit because they are rare. Can someone verify this for me?

  2. I'll buy one for 2k :p
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  3. About 1-2k each.
  4. You selling? :p
  5. I have been getting offers of 4k+
    Yes I am selling! :)
  6. I bought all of mine off of samsimx for 1,300 rupees each from his residence on smp7. If you have offers of 4k, take them, because they will slowly decrease as ICC drops more (He made a post saying there will be stacks of them in many other events). They are under 4k now :p
  7. Samsim sells them for 1.3k each, so somewhere in that region.
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  8. Yes that is why I'm selling them asap, I've already made all my money back I spent on them so If i sell them all for 1 - 2k I can make around 10 - 20k profit so I'm happy
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  9. Can you possibly save 1 for me? I'll pay 2k. :)
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  10. I have 6 left
  11. Correction, 8!
  12. Can you please save 1 for me. 2,000r will be yours if you do :D
  13. yep saved now we only have 6 left and 2 reserved
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  14. Coming on now to pay you :)

    EDIT = PAID in full :D
  15. Payed, where do I pick up?
  16. Reserve one for me and pm me in case I forget
    I'll pay 2.25k for it btw :p