[Price Check] ICC Nog

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  1. How much does a nog cost now? Please note: It is NOT for sale.
  2. Well that was helpful.
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  3. Seems to be around 200k... There are only a few left, I think around 20-30?
  4. IKR.
    I would ASSUME about 80k? Correct me if i am wrong...
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  5. Around 200k
  6. Weeeel then. I was wrong. Obviously.
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  7. Typically sold for 195k, should hit about 300k by May, maybe June. I own one :)
  8. May: 300kish
    June: ICC B-Day so maybe his eggnog undies are wet. Possibly 200k again
    August: 300kish again
    October: 500k?
    December: Aikar's economy destroying DP so if he drops a lot than about 100k. If a stack dropped than about average 200k
  9. I'd say wait a bit and the price will increase, or if you can't get a portion of what you could get.
  10. Ive never had more than 40k at a time. Looks like this might be my chance!
  11. Around 20-30?!? I have 3 whole buckets of ICC' milky goodness!
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  12. Say hello to being rich lol.