[PRICE CHECK] ICC Cake Parkour Event/Birthday Voucher

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by kaptrix, Aug 4, 2015.

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  2. Free to first commenters
  3. In all seriousness I'd be more than happy to buy one for 50k+

    I haven't seen any for sale in a really long time, supply and demand I guess
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  4. Bump!
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  5. Bump! Any more opinions/suggestions?
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  6. A year ago, I could bag these for about 20k per, but in recent months, I've seen none around. Lots of these have been snagged up by collectors and they are getting rarer, so I'd expect that the price has risen quite a bit since then, but I can't be more accurate I'm afraid as I haven't seen them sold around for a while :oops:
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  7. I think they are worth ~100Kr but... that isn't that much more as guessing :p
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  8. Around a year and a half ago they would be difficult to sell at 10k each, but since then like FDNY said they've mostly been bought up by people who are either hoarding them or have gone inactive. I would say 50k wouldn't be bad?
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  9. Yeah, 50k seems to be a decent price for this. I would also be happy to buy this for the future museum on 5009.
  10. Paid 50k for mine.
  11. TheKloned, this thread is to determine a price for this item, she's not selling it.

    Unless I'm totally misunderstanding this and you meant that you paid 50k to a different player for this item...
  12. I'm aware what the thread is about, hence my post.
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  13. I believe TheKloned is saying that he did indeed pay 50k, thus validating out estimates.
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  14. I'm not looking to sell mine. I purchased one a while back so I was just curious more so to see if I paid too much or not enough.
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  15. i got 10 for free, and gave 5 away at x-mas :p
  16. I have one, traded it for a aikar head