[Price Check] Holiday Pickaxes

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by wisepsn, Dec 22, 2013.

  1. The new promo items just came to the Empire today, and I think we need a price check on the pickaxe promo. I was thinking it was suppose to go from 5.5k to 8.8k, but I am not sure of a good price.
  2. Well, rumor has it that they will be available at /shop for 50,000 a piece.
  3. That is a ridiculous amount of rupees. The last promo pickaxe cost 6k(remember at SMP1 everyone was buying it for a celebration of 60k member's?), but now it is evolving to 30k.
  4. well i just bought one for 4.5k so...
  5. They are worth about 25k.
  6. Really? I thought they were worth more like 15k.
    wanna buy 3? xD
  7. Depends who you ask.
    Some people buy them for 4.5k which is too low, and 25k which is way to higher (higher than /shop)
    20130 is the /shop price so I say while this promo is still going on it can go for 8.5k to 11k maybe even 13k.