[PRICE CHECK] Glowstone

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  1. What is the average price per block of glowstone?
    per stack?
    per DC?

    Thanks, i may be buying some.
  2. Last time I checked, it was worth about 25-30r per block. Well, that was a couple of months ago too.
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  3. I sell for 16r a piece at 16667 as of right now. Only have about a stack in there though.
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  4. Double chests are in the area of 60,000 rupees. So that's about 17-18 per block. :)
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  5. 16r per block, I have fair luck selling both individually and in bulk at that area, so I'd say that:
    sounds about right.
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  6. I sell glowstone to all the mega malls and I find it goes for 14-16 a block
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  7. I normally see it go for around 15r-18r
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  8. Thank you all for replying