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  1. So I came across this variant of the freedom blade earlier today when I was buying promos, and I had never seen it before, I paid 35,000 for it not sure if it is worth more or less than that.

    Can anyone give me a price?
  2. This is what a buyer was offering recently in July, 10k for each version of the sword and 26k for the chest. He also explains (see below) the difference between the "do not claim" versions.

    While he was originally offering 10k, it looks like buy/sell prices of Iday stuff have gone up since then, and from what I can tell you paid about a median price.

  3. Regular goes for about 40k-45k
    DO NOT CLAIM version goes for about 60k-65k
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  4. Thank you.

    And what about the red variant?