[PRICE CHECK] Feast for a King

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  1. How much are these papers worth? I don't understand why they are so expensive, so a little insight would be helpful :)
  2. I sell mine for 10k, to be honest their value will only decrease each year.
  3. I don't see why they are even that much. I guess I'll take advantage of what they are worth now.
  4. @ArkWarrior1
    I suppose the Feast for a King papers are worth so much for what they are, because you usually need to be out and about in the wild for some time before a notification pops up showing you the coordinates of a recently spawned feast chest in said area. Many players just ran about getting what they came for and return to town asap, so I would think a good majority of those whom do that miss out on them. But I mean hey 10k for a paper - cant complain about that. :)
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  5. Thats true. Thanks for the explanation!
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  6. 5-10k
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