[Price Check] End Stone and Smooth Sandstone

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  1. How much could cost 1 DC of End Stone, and 1 DC of Smooth Sandstone?
  2. Go to your local shop. Check the price of one piece. Multiply by 3456. Profit.

    But prices vary per server...
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  3. Smooth sandstone is 7k
  4. End stone is cheaper than smooth stone? I definitely didn't expect that.
  5. For sure it would be...

    Sandstone has to be mined in the desert. In order to get at it you have to get below all the sand. Most people are horrible at desert mining. In any case, there is a limited supply of it and lots of digging involved to get at it for most people. With smooth sandstone you also have an additional crafting step.

    On the other hand, end stone you only have to get to the end. Then it's basically dirt. A high efficiency pickaxe and you can have a steady supply of it.

    Sandstone is also in higher demand because it's a highly-desired building material. End stone is only used in end-themed decoration. Most people would not build a shop or house out of end stone like they would with smooth sandstone.

    So you can see, sandstone has higher demand and less supply, while end stone has higher supply and less demand.
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  6. Oh, of course, never mind, I completely missed the "sand" :oops: