[PRICE CHECK] Enchanted Pickaxe (Eff 5, unbreak 3, silk 1)

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by Dektirok, Feb 18, 2015.

  1. How much would diamond pickaxe go for with Eff V, Unbreak 3, and Silk?

    Would there be a market to sell them by the DC?
  2. I'd asked the community what they thought good prices were for enchants. It had an average of 4,533r for the pick you mentioned. However, some of the results were low in my opinion. I have yet to get around to ruling out any outliers. Make of the data what you will. (The bold number is the average.)

    As for a market, perhaps a DC wouldn't be a great price to sell them by? You're getting up into the 300-400k range for a DC (7k per) so it'd be tough to find loads of buyers willing to spend that money (my prediction, probably not that accurate). But as for interest in general, good picks are always in high demand, so you can get away with selling them for a lot more than the average below (think maybe 10-11k tops per pick, and that's with very eager buyers).

    The actual survey was here.