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Which is more common to see on EMC?

emerald ore in stone 5 vote(s) 55.6%
emerald ore deepslate 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Fred the cat 4 vote(s) 44.4%
  1. Price of anyone actually buying emerald ore and deepslate version would be most helpful.
    Or does anyone have any NEED for purchasing either emerald ore?
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  2. I wouldn't say there's absolutely no need. If nothing else, a few people may use them for museums containing different types of blocks or to make certain naturalistic builds look more natural. Low demand and the lack of pragmatic uses doesn't mean no demand, and indeed, I've occasionally thought of building a block museum myself (but never seriously planned to).

    I don't have a price. I actually watched the thread because it'd be handy for me to know too. Nonetheless, I thought I'd add my input when you questioned whether anyone has any need to purchase emerald ores, which is a good question because both ores are very rare (extremely in the case of deepslate emerald) and getting even a full double chest of emerald gems within a few months isn't hard via breeding/farming/hunting and strategic villager trading.
  3. I don't have a price. I have cycled through /shop on all smps many times over the years looking for the deepslate emerald ore and haven't found any other than yours. I have the ore unpriced in my shop and no one has asked about it after the initial interest in it died out and there haven't been any auctions with them.

    It's a cool looking decorative block.
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  4. yes, exactly farmer. The 'after the initial interest die out' is what makes me wonder about this. I don't believe that it is even listed in the vanilla rares excemptions, so you would need the 9 stacks to be able to auction them. :eek:
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  5. Indeed! Imagine painstakingly trying to get enough, having to have a starting bid well into the millions and getting no business!
  6. I have bought, useful for builds of caves, or patterned floors=walls. Usually they were under the price of diamond ore
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  7. only shop I have actively seen with deepslate emerald ore is velmart for buying at 10k and selling at 9k. there was another shop selling deepslate emerald for 6-7k but i,ve checked multiple times and it seems it was removed.
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  8. I don't mean to sidetrack this thread but has anyone found deepslate emerald ore in the Wasteland since it became "rare"?

    I've mined a lot and haven't come across any.
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  9. Totally not a sidetrack. Actually part of the same question.

    what's funny is the discussions of finding it in the frontier while mining out bases and builds. seems some of that land may have been created 1.18 and has those generation algorithms.

    overall makes an odd type of market with so many possible sources or non-sources depending on the land generation all in one server population
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  10. I think we should reset all the worlds and start again :p and in anticipation :eek:

    Back on track... Yes meant to be rare, but its a decoration block good for building green eyed monsters and the like. And price would be down to player base/demand or bragging rights
  11. I did, once - even in 1.19. Yes, it did become even rarer in 1.19 than it was in 1.18 because emerald ores can't generate in cave biomes, and groves, snowy slopes and the three low-erosion mountain peak biomes tend to have deep dark up to at least the bottom of the stone layer. I found mine under a windswept hills biome. The best places to look would be windswept hills, windswept gravelly hills and any meadows or cherry groves with a high enough erosion to preclude a deep dark biome. (Windswept forests generate in areas humid enough to have lush caves underground, and windswept savannas don't have emerald ores like the temperate windswept biomes do.)
  12. Seems that this is coming down to "whatever someone will pay for the item"

    All righty then. I shall grab my random number generator and run it :p
  13. I've had it in stock on SMP6 in Velmart since I first found it. I had movement originally, but like life, a new cooler thing came along and interest died down.
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