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  1. To all you economy based players out there, if 1.9 came out, what would be the initial price of an elytra? How about 1 month after tge EMC release? I need this info to plan some projects that involves elytras in the near future.
  2. Depends on how many get discovered and are up for sale. Basically, whoever finds the first one sets the price by precedent. So until the update comes out and someone finds it, who knows?
  3. Just please take an educated guess. My series of plans and projects depend on this info.
  4. Well, there is nothing really to set them off until we know HOW the rulers of EMC are planning on having the produced. If it is a matter of first in best dressed and thats it, then they will be at enormous prices. If it is something that can be achieved through a series of votes, or awards at events etc, then we are talking in a lower ball park. I'm saying with a rough guess (and a great amount of hope) they sit at around 20k a piece. But then again, with the amount of rupees you can get these days, it may very well be much much much higher.
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  5. I have no idea, sorry. If ~5 were found, I'd say maybe around a million? If ~10 500k? If they end up being very common somewhere around 10-15k.
  6. Ahh, thanks
  7. It all depends if they allow elytra to spawn in the end city ships. Maybe they can make available to everyone for free or some other way, it all depends until the update
  8. I thought you couldn't go to the end
  9. Id predict a few hundred thousand each
  10. It really depends on how and if they implement the end waste. It's probably safe to say they'll not be under 10k, and not above 1mil. Helpful I know.

    My bet is that they'll make them fairly available, and the cost will settle at around 30k.
  11. You can it's just a world really no one goes to. 1.9 is going to change that.

    My prediction and my testing around trying to find one isn't a walk in the park. I will have to say the 100-500k range
  12. One way or the other they will start off extremely expensive. Just take a look at sponges and sea lanterns when we just went to 1.8. The prices were enormous! Right from the getgo have I said that the initial prices were way OP (but understandable!). Well, just look at them now...

    So I'm pretty convinced that this will be no different. As to an estimate... If we assume vanilla type gameplay (so that you'll be able to find 'm in End ships) then I'd say an easy 750k, maybe even going up to 1,25million. Thing is: it won't be that easy to reach the End ships. First you got to find one (which is going to be hard in itself: try going from one island to the other), then you got to reach it and then you'll need to bring your price home as well.

    It'll be a lot harder than finding an ocean monument and simply taking your time to mine it out.

    So unless EMC is going to distribute it differently then I think this is what we'll be looking at for starters. Maybe even more: if someone would to put one up in an auction then I wouldn't be surprised if some players are going to heavily outbid each other to be the first to have one.

    Still... Honestly; the Elytra has lost much of its appeal for me after I found out that you now need to activate it yourself by pressing spacebar twice (same as flight in Creative mode). This makes its usage in regular areas a lot harder: jump, activate, steer.... and hope you didn't already crash into something.
  13. Huh? You just press space after you jump. Otherwise jump-sprinting down a hill would be really jerky. It's maybe a second slower than automatic activation.
  14. My experience with 1.9
    - killed 4 dragons, it was rather easy
    - traveled around 35k blocks over the islands
    - found around 15 end cities, 7 ships, 2 elytra

    calculating ...
    taking needed skill, tools and materials into account ...

    reasonable price for elytra: around 100k

    But of course, it depends on how many people will have the needed skill and patience and want to get elytra - in relation to demand and buying power of people who can not or don't want to go out and get elytra themselves.
  15. I have also played around on 1.9 a bit. They are not hugely available and take a bit of work in survival to get. They will initially go for the most. The first ones I believe will go for a million or more. There's a lot of rich people out there and that is the one thing they don't possess. Look at ore busters. There are many of them out there but go for over 400k. There are zero elytra. After a year or two the price will probably drop to 400k. That is all assuming Aikar does not alter the code related to the ships, etc...
  16. when it first starts I would bet around 2 mil but it should calm down to a few hundred k soon :(
  17. Outrageous prices for the first two weeks. 70-100k for the second 2 weeks. 40-70k after a month and fluctuate in that range for several months.....that's my prediction.
  18. I remember when 1.8 dropped, sponges were going for up to 50k each. I traded five for an unused Marlix Bow and four for a Blizzard Nose (this was the first year the noses were out). Within a week, they had gone down to 2k, and I have no idea what they're worth now.

    The point is that prices can fluctuate wildly at the beginning, and we have no idea how much they will be. Like several have said, it depends on availability.