[Price Check] Dragon Poop

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by kjchavarria, Mar 6, 2016.

  1. How much would this go for? I got this during the 400k event and I want to sell it but for how much.
  2. 50-70k
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  3. I've seen them go for 40k to 75k
  4. I bought mine for 25k a long time ago, but I'm sure one is worth about 50k now. :)
  5. Nice also don't mean to budge in KJCHAV
    But how much for super dragon poop?
    Also 25-50 is wat most people asked for it
  6. Thanks everyone for the prices. I'll be auctioning it off soon.
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  7. Super is maybe 10k more on average.
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  8. Here i thought Dragon poop was worth 40k and super dragon poop was 80k

    I guess when people don't know, prices seem to go lower and that's a shame. Cause that will now be the price everyone compares it to.