[Price Check] Diamonds

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  1. What do you guys value diamonds at?

    I've seen the economy change them from 30-32r, to 50-55r, to now im seeing 75r?? Inflation is a mean business lol.
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  2. I'd say your pricing is pretty accurate. They were in the 50's when I joined and stayed there for a long time. I think 75r is mainly due to the large number of Rupees in circulation and not very many people mining them. EMC's and MC's age maybe be a factor also in that a lot of people don't want to work up to things like enchanted armor and picks and buy them instead.
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  3. Basically, the lazier we get, the more money we will spend on precious diamonds
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  4. Lol i sell them for 59r
  5. I've seen them at 52-55 but now they've went up a bit!
  6. Lol looks like we need a tax system in place.;)
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  7. When I joined they were about 35r back in the day:p
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  8. Back in my time, they were only 68 :D
  9. I still sell them for 48r each on smp9 19247
  10. well but you're out of stock...
  11. wouldn't be surprised i had 64 earlier.
  12. At first when I started they were about 60 r each but I must agree they have gone up :)