[Price Check] Diamond Pick E5 F3 U3

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  1. So I could make a tidy profit selling picks of this nature for about 8.5k each. Is that too steep, or would there be an audience willing to pay to that amount for essentially the best craftable pick?
  2. If I knew you would almost always be n stock, I think that is a good price. I would be more likely to buy if it was 7.5k though ;)
  3. I've just seen a shop trying to sell them for 35k per piece.
    But that's more a curiosity than anything else...
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  4. :eek:
    Heck, you could buy a Holiday Pick for that price
  5. I've seen that same price, hence... I'm hoping the 8.5 is a steal for most people, meaning I would get LOTS of business, pushing profits. But my plan requires lots of customers. I can keep stocked if there is demand.
  6. I could be regularly stocked knowing there is demand. That would leave me with a teeny profit margin, it would have to be 8.5 for it to be worth doing. I'm trying to find a price that's fair to both seller and consumer.
  7. 3 diamonds + villager service + book + enchanting ... production costs around 4k-5k
  8. Assuming that's the way I manufacture, which would be hard to stock with the chance around getting the right villager plus enchanting books, potentially wasting resources. My method is more definate and could meet demand. It may be more expensive to produce and sell but it will be available more often.
  9. Think 1728 sells this kind of picks for 4500
  10. and as previously mentioned, can't seem to find many selling at a similar or lower price. If there are would be interested in checking them out
  11. I could now do about 5K, more interesting?
  12. I can see 10k (though it's borderline OP) but 35k?

    That person will be sitting on that pick for a while.....
  13. I would be buying all the time for 5k or 4.5k.
  14. Ive seen pick like these go for 10-15k at auction. so your 8.5k is cheap is... =P

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  15. Okay, its looking like I can do it and sell regular supply at 6k each. If you guys think this is reasonable then I would happily set the store up
  16. Just try it and adjust if needed.
  17. Great idea, but WHERE would you EVER find all those enchanted books? :p
  18. I have my sources :p
  19. 10 k is good deal