[PRICE CHECK] Cupid and Lucky Bow

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  1. I need to know how much the Cupid Bow and Lucky Bow are selling for.

    Lucky Bow:
    Looting IV
    Unbreaking X
    Power 5

    Cupid's Bow:
    Unbreaking 3
  2. A Lucky Bow just sold at auction for 27,012r but most shops that sell it put it up for around 40-50K.
    The last Cupids Bow (by itself) that went up for auction sold for 18.1k (auction ended in mid-August). But I've seen it in most malls at around 50-60K. I hope this helps a bit.
  3. Ive never seen a cupids bow go for 50-60k haha, they are usually between 15 and 25k :).
    Lucky bows have a more varied price range so it depends on the seller/buyer.
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  4. As a ball point estimate, I'd say the Cupid's Bow is about 15k and the Lucky Bow is about 30k :)

    However, I think that the Lucky Bows will be soon on the rise, but I couldn't say the same about the Cupid's Bow.
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  5. Really? I've never seen either item lower then 40k in shops. On the other hand I've never really gone looking for either item so my info is based on what I've just happened upon while shopping for other things.
    Isn't it kinda funny that this question went unanswered since Thursday but after I put in what I know on the topic (admittedly not much) at least two people come out of the woodwork within 14 minutes to correct my response:rolleyes:. One of which was obviously more interested in heckling the response for not matching up to his own experience then in the threads original question.

    Thank you for the correction.:)
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  6. I only saw the thread after you commented as it bumped the post, hence why there were 2 comments shortly after yours :)
  7. Fair enough. :)
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