[Price Check] Community Defender July 2013

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  1. Title says it all, here's the wiki page for those who are wondering what I'm talking about. Just getting a general idea of "if you had it, what would you sell it for" type of thing. Please only post real price quotes and please don't ask for it, just getting a price.

  2. I dont think one has been sold yet so it is pretty much what ever you want to sell it for
  3. Quite an amazing piece. I assume you have the certificate also. I would guess it's so rare that there is no established price for it. Was it awarded to you or someone else? Who it was awarded to might have some affect on the value. I certainly would think it would be over a million. It would just be finding the right buyer.
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  4. You mean just the July version, or the later ones too? As far as I am aware, these have never been sold, so it would be hard for you to check the price.

    If I were to sell either of mine (early and late 2014 versions) then it would be for a 7 figure sum for sure. Though, I can't really tell, as I would not consider selling them at this time. I'm sure that all other owners would put a 7 figure sum on theirs as well, these items can be very sentimental to the people that they were awarded to.