[Price Check] Blizz Ard Nose

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  1. Just checking to see what these go for now that Blizz Ard is gone.
  2. Last I heard the price was approaching the 250,000-350,000 range.
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  3. No way? Are you serious? :eek:
  4. I hope you're serious. I've got 5 :D

    The thing about the Blizz Ard nose is... No one knows what they do. It might be super awesome, it might, I dunno, give you Resistance 1 for 3 seconds. Sellers and buyers have to decide if they want to take the risk of not knowing what it does; the price might either go up or go down and that will mean a loss for one party.
  5. I am. Could be mistaken but that's from my current understanding. Everybody is hoarding them right now and there isn't much market movement going on with them. Because of that, it's hard to tell.

    When I have seen it up for sale though, 250k was the lowest I saw.
  6. Can these be auctioned?
  7. no
  8. I tried looking up the wiki on this. Why are items like these not able to be auctioned?
  9. I'm not sure I would auction them anyway right now even if you're able. They're worth a quarter of a mil but they may end up selling in the 150,000-175,000 range. People will be wanting to get a piece of that quarter mil payout. :)
  10. Thanks for the link Elfin. I don't see any info there about the reason they can't be auctioned. Not challenging the rule just curious about the reasoning.
  11. Of that you would have to take it up with staff. I'm sure there's a reason these types of items aren't auctionable.
  12. Well, with the rarity (I heard 10% drop rate at best), how difficult it was to find and kill a blizz ard, as well as the hints regarding future uses, it'll kick the price up a bit based off speculation.

    There's the outside possibility that the noses will see a use in the future that makes 250k look like pocket change in comparison. People are willing to invest based on that possibility.
  13. Oh ok. I thought they would have said lol Ok no problem. Thanks again.
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  14. Sold my first for 95k in the height of blizz season, second I traded for other promos. Could image them doubling or more by now, so pricing sounds right. Definitely been a nice gift for us wilders.
  15. I think you bought one from me lol 90-95 I believe :p
  16. Wasn't me, one of the other kevs, we had 4 on at once today on smp4 :)
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  17. :p My mistake lol Maybe it was one of the other one