[price check] BigDavie head

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  1. Im not sure i intend on selling but till want to know the price
  2. Over a year ago I sold mine for what 60k? It was over a year ago, and probably a bad deal at that.
  3. well i got offord a sc of mincers so i think that sale is a bit out of date
  4. Friend of mine sold hers for 2mil very recently. :)
  5. #lowertheprice#Belikekel
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  6. xD
  7. Davie doesn't give them out often so it's a pretty hefty sum.
  8. i think i may have sold one for 20k XD
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  9. I will loan you kel for a year if you give it to me :p
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  10. ...?
  11. Thak owns me.
  12. Permanently possessed.
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