[PRICE CHECK] - Aikar Head - Banner Contest Reward

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  1. I have this Aikar Head (purple text) with the lore 'reward for banner contest'. It's droppable.

    How much are Aikar heads worth in general?

    How much would this sort of unique thing be worth?

    Here's a screenshot:
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  2. For clarification since some people may not know what this is from, the info was added to the Wiki.
    It is a prize item from the past and may not be auctioned, but it may be sold.
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  3. I know it isn't really much of an indication for this head as this one is different but the 2013 Aikar's drop party head is currently going for 260k on auction: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/aikars-drop-party-head-12-23-13.59932/

    Obviously this version is a lot rarer, so expect to get more than that for it. But, because it's a one-of-a-kind item, there's not any one price that any one can really give you as at the end of the day, it will only sell for what you would sell the item for (and what some one would realistically be willing to pay).
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  4. Right, you can't price an item that there's one of.
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  5. This thread is me asking how much aikar heads are worth in general (so thanks, FNDY, that is helpful and I've found some other threads listing prices as well), but also how unique items are usually priced.
  6. Unique items are close to never sold, and when they are, they fluctuate tons.
  7. What other unique items exist?
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  9. alright, thanks krysyy
  10. There are a lot of unique contest awards out there at this point. The following items are currently the only one of their kind in existence:
    There may be one or two that I missed, but that's pretty much it. :)
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