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  1. so i have stock piled a ton of stuff to sell at some point and i need to know the value here is my list....
    1Dc of nether quartz ore
    10dc of netherack
    3dc of fire res 8min potions
    3dc of speed 8min potions
    3dc of strength 8min potions
    1dc of bottles o enchanting
    5dc of cobble
    10 dc of stone
    5dc of stone bricks
    1dc of soulsand
    5 dc of sandstone
    25 dub of wood (5 of each)
    10 dc of snow blocks
    1dc of melons

    what is the value of all this stuff ? i have no idea please tell me

    if i spell any of this wrong please for my sanity don't correct me unless it is really bad (1 letter isn't bad) thank u
  2. 1Dc of nether quartz ore- Depends on the Buyer, Ive seen 'em go anywhere from 80k-90k and higher
    10dc of netherack- ~10.5k

    Fire resistance DCs-2308r
    Speed DCs- ~2011r
    Strength DCs- 1759r
    Bottles o' enchanting- 64741r
    Cobble DCs- 8640r
    Stone DCs- 31,104r
    Stone Bricks- 31,104r
    Soulsand- 3456r
    Sandstone (plain? That is what I am pricing it at...)- 22464

    Snow Blocks- 46137r
    Melons- Melon Slices- 235 Melon Blocks- 2115

    EDIT: What types of wodl, because that could make a difference.

    Hope this Helped.

    And like any good person, I state my sources.
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  3. I was called? :p
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  4. He said wood not wool.