[PRICE CHECK] A couple of my promos

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by CadenMann, Nov 26, 2014.

  1. Hullo!

    Just wanna get a price check on some promos that I bought:

    1 2014 Independence day firework, 2 ham hackers and a remembrance day poppy

    Please get back ASAP! Depending on the prices I get now, I will be auctioning them off in another thread

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  2. Bumpity Bump :D
  3. 2014 Indeoendence day firework = around 20k
    ham hacker = 15-20k each
    Remembrance day poppy = 5-7k each

    I hope this helped you!
  4. Rememberance Day poppy= 10-11k :p
  5. How much would it cost for all of these in one big group?
  6. Ham Hacker: 20k
    2014 Independence Firework: 15-20k
    Remembrance Poppy: 10k

    Grand Total: 45-50k
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