[Price Check] A bunch of Random Promos!

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  1. Having been off of EMC for quite some while, i thought it would be more worth asking the community how much they think these promos would be selling for in the recent economy.

    I only need rough figures, nothing too solid. Thanks in advance! :)

    2 x Marlix Leggings
    3 x 2015 Labor Benches
    2 x Blizz Noses
    2 x Blizz Arms
    6 x Avalaunchers
    1 x Unspawned Cupids Egg
    2 x Cupid Bows
    ICC flesh + ICC skin
    1 x Love Potion Number 9
    1 x Spawned Cupid
    1 x Turkey Slicer (possibly 2014 i believe)

    Mucho Gracias!
  2. I only know how much the 2015 Labor Benches cost, I bought most of mine for 15k :). (if you would like to sell them, please send me a PM, as I'd gladly buy one/two/all :p)
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  3. 2 x Marlix Leggings - 25-30k
    2 x Blizz Noses - 30-40k
    2 x Blizz Arms - 30-40k
    6 x Avalaunchers - 30-40k
    1 x Unspawned Cupids Egg - 25-30k
    2 x Cupid Bows - 10k approx
    ICC flesh + ICC skin - 5k each I believe
    1 x Love Potion Number 9 - sold mine for 90k months ago
    1 x Spawned Cupid - 20-25
    1 x Turkey Slicer (possibly 2014 i believe) 50k+ if from /promo; if drop 30-40k
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