{Price check} A Bunch of Random Promos!

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  1. All My Promos
    All the Haunted Candies-
    Shiny Flesh-
    Shiny Arrow-
    Zombie Virus-
    Empire Assistant-
    Feast for King-
    IceCreamCow Flesh-
    2014 Labor Bench-
    2014 Remembrance Poppy-
    Holiday Candle-
    Cooked Turkey-
    Starter Shovel (Undamaged)-
    Spooky Egg-
    Dancer (Unopened)-
    2014 Headless HorseMan Mask-
    Emergency Snow clearing device (Unused)-
    Dragon Stone Fragment-
    2015 Labor Bench-
    Dirt Destroying Ticking Tock-
    Stable Voucher-
    Love Potion No.9-
    2013 Haunted Head-
    Cupids Bow (Used)-
    Dragon Stone-
    Starter Helment (Unused)-
    Starter Chest plate (Unused)-
    Starter Leggings (Unused)-
    Starter Boots (Unused)-
    Cupid Bundle (Unopened)-
    Starter Sword (Unused)-
    Starter Axe (Unused)-
    Starter Pick (Unused)-
    Starter Horse (Unopened)-
    Blizzard Nose-
    Turkey Slicer (Unused)-
    Vault Voucher-
    Freedom Blade (Unused)-
    Rose Bouquet-
    Pi Pie-
    Pot of Gold-
    Magical Eggcellent Wand-
    Mineral Mincer (Unused)-
    Ham Hacker (Unused)-
    Scooooba Mask (Unused)-
    Potato Plate (Unused)-
    Bionic Pants (Unused)-
    Bubble Boots (Unused)-
    Sharpshooter (Unused)-
    Chicken Skewer (Unused)-
    Shear Madness (Unused)-
    Getting Started Book-

    Ty Sorry for a long list.
    Also a link to the thread for helping me make my utopia res a bunch of giant farms http://empireminecraft.com/threads/helping-with-utopia-res.59938/
  2. All the Haunted Candies- 0r
    Shiny Flesh- 10r
    Shiny Arrow- 10r
    Zombie Virus- 10r
    Empire Assistant- 0r
    Feast for King- 10k
    IceCreamCow Flesh- 6k
    2014 Labor Bench- 25k
    2014 Remembrance Poppy- 15k
    Holiday Candle-15k
    Cooked Turkey- 100r
    Starter Shovel (Undamaged)- 3k
    Spooky Egg- 17k
    Dancer (Unopened)- 39k
    2014 Headless HorseMan Mask- 20k
    Emergency Snow clearing device (Unused)- 20k
    Dragon Stone Fragment- 1k
    2015 Labor Bench- 20k
    Dirt Destroying Ticking Tock- 59,999r
    Stable Voucher- 8k
    Love Potion No.9- 80k
    2013 Haunted Head- 45k
    Cupids Bow (Used)- 15k
    Dragon Stone- 8k
    Starter Helment (Unused)- 3k
    Starter Chest plate (Unused)- 3k
    Starter Leggings (Unused)- 3k
    Starter Boots (Unused)- 3k
    Cupid Bundle (Unopened)- 60k
    Starter Sword (Unused)- 3k
    Starter Axe (Unused)- 3k
    Starter Pick (Unused)- 3k
    Starter Horse (Unopened)- 3k
    Blizzard Nose- 150k
    Turkey Slicer (Unused)- 40k
    Vault Voucher- 10k
    Freedom Blade (Unused)- 50k
    Rose Bouquet- (rare item)
    Pi Pie- 15k
    Pot of Gold- 25k
    Magical Eggcellent Wand- 20k
    Mineral Mincer (Unused)- 10k
    Ham Hacker (Unused)- 10k
    Scooooba Mask (Unused)- 10k
    Potato Plate (Unused)- 10k
    Bionic Pants (Unused)- 10k
    Bubble Boots (Unused)- 10k
    Sharpshooter (Unused)- 10k
    Chicken Skewer (Unused)- 10k
    Shear Madness (Unused)- 10k
    Getting Started Book-5k
  3. mman to the rescue XD
  4. Ham Hackers unused are like 40k, not 10k.
    The 100k promos went up a little in value since they are not available in /shop.
    Everything else seems to be reasonably priced above.
  5. I whould like to to edit one thing on what mman and Enterprises siad,
    I think the hounted canies are more than 0r, they're 1-15r :p
    and, for the Rose Bouquet, it's worth about 4 million I beleve, but, as mman said, they're VERY rare so you can maby even sell one for ~5million or it won't work and you're selling one for one million ;)
  6. Ok I was wondering what it is worth
  7. Bought mine for 900k -- and the owner thought that was too much. :p Definitely not 4-5mil.

    Edit: I was talking about the rose Bouquet if I didn't make it clear enough. :p
  8. Ok i was thinking 4 mill was too much
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