Preventing stealing between shops owners.

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  1. Recently i opened a mall were people can buy shops rooms and build shops.
    But there has concerns of stealing between shops owners since i must give them container.
    I was wondering if there would be a plugin for something like:

    Person A owns a mall. Person B and C own each there own shops.
    C has been stealing from B. What if there was a plugin were B could only access there own chests on there mall res and same with C. A could access all chest because he owns the res.

    Please respond.

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  2. Use access signs.
  3. What he said.
  4. Don't use access signs!
    Once the player has created the shop simply take away thier container flags. They can still open the chest and stock thier shop by left clicking the shoP sign :)
  5. Omg. Genius.
  6. Thanks
  7. He's worried about giving them the flags in the first place, since they can run towards his chests and take his stuff very quickly. Giving build flags cannot be helped, though.
  8. Well if they head for his chests he can take a screenshot, report them or take away thier flags.
  9. By the way you can't make a shop unless you have container flag so no matter what he will need to set container flag!
  10. For inspiration check out R0bbieJo's mall on smp4, residence 8062
  11. I am pretty sure I took away the ability to open a chest from the shop sign. It was being used to glitch into chests without container perms (if you had build you could make a shop sign and then get into the container).
  12. You did. You need access signs.

    I get the players shop set up, I then get [access] signs up and they stock their chests. I then give build perms, they stick up their shop signs, I remove the build perms, and they can now happily access their chests to restock, but cannot change their shop signs.

    Works fine.
  13. Maybe I could make it so that if a double chest has an access sign, the people with access can place a shop sign on the other half of the chest. This would let them updated the shop however they want without granting / removing build perms.
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  14. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the best (and only now i think) way to do this is to make a double chest with one [access] sign. Then give the person who will run the shop build flags until they have made their shop above the other part of the chest, and take the build flag away again. This is completely safe (as long as you watch the person while they have build flags) and should work just fine :)

    EDIT: Justin beat me to it...
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  15. That's a great idea, but the biggest improvement that you could make would be the directional features of the [access] sign.

    Currently, it has to be above the chest at the back. If it could work from underneath at the back or front, or the sides, it'd make it a lot easier to hide it in a shop display. Currently my Arabian Market has its looks spoiled by access signs everywhere and it makes the stalls look very cluttered.
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  16. Yeah it used to be that signs could be off to the side, the problem is that many people accidentally gave permissions to chests they didn't mean to and got robbed, so I changed it to be only directly above...
  17. maybe add a command to the access sign? like keep the [access] sign above and such, but make an [extended access] sign that works in the other ways?
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  18. That's a good shout. So you'd have:


    For normal, above and behind placement


    [360 access]

    Which would let you open any chest that was 360 degrees of the sign. So above, below, to the sides, in front, behind, etcetc.

    The differences are made clear and then as with Permissions in your residence, it's down to the Owner to take care.
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  19. I thought he meant put free selling so that he could sell to himself