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  1. Hello everyone Waffle here!

    I have gathered a bunch of friends together and we have made our own Group YouTube channel. It's still in the works currently we have:
    -No background (in the works)
    -No logo (hopefully in the works)
    -First video! thanks Ninja!!
    -Plenty of producers, we don't need anymore. Sorry!
    -First sub!
    -Schedule for uploading (in the works)

    All of us have our own channels and we are producing videos for the channel and our own channels, I think we have some people working on Portal 2, Tekkit, Minecraft, TF2, and I think Sims?

    People involved in this project:
    Spiffiey (after Midterms she'll be active ;))
    Me OF COURSE ;)

    Yeah, we have 13 people :p luckily we are never going to be short of content for you the viewers! I reccomend you check us out @

    EDIT: here is our background supplied by theBNGart, thanks again my friend!

  2. I will be doing Super Mario Bros, Minecraft, and I think Happy Wheels.
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  3. im probably doing content from black ops, bf3, l4d2, minecraft, tekkit, portal 2, mw3, mw2
    yes alot of games :)
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  4. I am at school lol
  5. The website isn't blocked
  6. Please don't post off topic.
  7. I will be doing Minecraft, Tekkit, Team Fortress 2, Portal 2, hopefully most of it multiplayer!
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  8. I will be be doing:
    Minecraft, Tekkit, The Sims 3, Happy Wheels, TF2. Black Ops And MW3 If I learn how to record PS3! And may add some more in!
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  9. Order a EasyCap DC60 off amazon for 10 dollars. if ur PAL you might need to get a different card, this is meant for NSTC-U aka American Tv's :p
  10. I wanna do mw3!
  11. Premium Grade Content Coming Soon To EGG With Good Intros and good Outros with Good Sets (You will see)
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  12. As of right now, I am disappointed in the content....
  13. I haven't been monitoring it so far, I also haven't even had time to upload something. We are still working out an intro/ outro/ requirements to upload type of thing. Don't worry Twitch only the noobs have uploaded so far ;) I'm training them how to be better Youtubers :D
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  14. I am hoping so. I see a few good people here who I believe will provide awesome content. I know Jeanzl will definitely. :)
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  15. Wait, did you forgot me? ;)
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  16. My content is ok too. However its hard to distinguish me and my friends videos sometimes :D
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  17. Ghasts to dubstep? That's pretty interesting...
  18. Could i join i can do tekkit and do tech (sound) (video fixing)
  19. To quote what I said in the conversation on this:
  20. I probably should add this to the OP: I decided on doing this idea yesterday afternoon, already we have 10 people or so in this group.. 2 videos uploaded (not the best quality). I never expected this to go by so fast. Yesterday I didn't even have time to check on a lot of things besides setting up the channel and replying to PM's. Today I am making a video explaining who we are, what we do, that type of thing.

    I'm sorry for the quick videos that were uploaded. If they aren't to quality or cool to your perspective don't hate, most of our people who are making videos haven't even got home from school since yesterday when they got info for the channel.

    For the channel background and logo I have contacted my YouTube background guy and he has replied back saying he will get right on it. It might be a day or 2 so be patient.

    For console games we have a couple of uploaders 2 or so who are willing to do console games including me. If someone here wants to be apart of us and do mostly console games and has a good capture card and editing software PM me and I will review you!

    Happy Campin' (I love this saying :p)