Prepare your ears, for the new worst song ever.

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Mrlegitislegit, Apr 20, 2012.

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  1. It makes Rebecca Black sound like Ted Williams.. I am really sorry for my generations music, mostly for twits like these.
  2. I have seen this I think *Have not clicked link yet*

    EDIT yeah I saw that xD
  3. I really hope their trolling.
  4. this is just awful.
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  5. This is an AAAMMMAAZZZINGGGG video! *Sarcastic* The beats and the vocals were OUSTANDING! *Another sarcastic joke*
  6. I'm glad that wouldn't let you embed the video! The forums knew the consequences of allowing it!
  7. Fixed it. :p

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  9. Crazy, why you so crazy?

    *hides from the ominous clouds encroaching upon the Empire, raining down destruction in the form of vile music*
  10. This is painful
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  11. I think they should worry about their voices before they worry about their Hot Problems
  12. Could they be anymore Monotone? Seriously?
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  13. You guys are crazy i like it :D (joking ofc i sing better than this)
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  14. who wants to here me sing? (say no, im terrible) ??? :D im awesome!
  15. Hell yeah :D
  16. They're not monotonic, they are just way off pitch most of the time. :p
  17. I think I'm gonna jump out of the window...
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  18. Ahhhhh.. My ears. I was not able to listen to the full song, because it hurt my ears.
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