Premature suggestion: Senior staff res. export service for 1.10

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by ShelLuser, Jul 15, 2016.

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  1. Hi gang!

    Minecraft 1.10 is a version I'm actually looking out for because it has some pretty exciting blocks (in my opinion obviously). From the decorative (but kind of useless) nether wart block to the more interesting bone block (nice compact storage for bonemeal, also looks cool because it has multiple faces) and of course my favorites: the red netherbrick block and the magma block. When combined with the regular netherbrick blocks you can make some pretty cool dark atmosphere here..

    1.10 also brings us structure blocks which allow you to save (export) or load (import) structures into the game, all in vanilla. And that got me thinking...

    Senior Staff residence export service

    For a decent fee (15 - 20k on an SMP, 30 - 40k on Utopia) players could request the export of their residence through the structure blocks. But only once every 3 or 6 months (to prevent creating too much pressure on the senior staff).

    Optionally also allowing for combined exports (2 or 4 residences at once) at a somewhat discounted rate. Maybe 25 - 35k for a combined export of 2 residences at once?

    Needless to say this would be a town feature only. At least for now, maybe when land protection and true outpost claiming comes along it might be possible to extend this to the Frontier (only for established outposts, and at a higher cost) but I'm not too sure there because it could theoretically also lead to (minor) cheating.

    Also, in town would be much easier (and more doable) for the staff. If you know your coordinates you only need 1 block and you're done.

    I think this would create a very nice service which allows players to save all their hard work at a reasonable fee for staff efforts. Especially because you no longer need "difficult" plugins to make this work: dump the file(s) in your structures folder, get yourself a load block and off you go ;)
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  2. Structure block use/implementation is currently on the agenda for a Senior Staff discussion as part of the update.

    Closing thread.
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