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  1. Hey guys.

    Recently, I learned of this news. Jake was one of my best friends a long time ago. He later had to move to Hawaii, and his family sends us a letter every year. But now, I learned about this today. Jake has been hospitalized, and most likely contracted a form of bone cancer.

    I realize how devastating this must be for his family, and it just worsened my mood entirely. I'm not asking for donations, any of the sort. I'm just asking for you guys to send prayers.
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  2. I am sending good wishes his way!
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  3. Best of luck to your friend.

    I have had family who recently went through cancer. I know your pain and I really hope your good friend turns out all right. Nobody should go through the pain of a friend feeling sick.
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  4. I wish tons of luck to your friend!
    I almost had a friend die from a car crash... I was pacing for days until I heard he was okay.
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  5. I had a friend I knew for a long die from brain cancer... It's not fun. Best of luck.
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  6. Good luck for you friend potato, one family member of my family is having brain, lungs, and i think skin cáncer, but he is still fighting, he still belive in life.
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  7. I had a close person go through a cancer.
    I hope your friend stays ok!
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  8. How many types of cancer is there?
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  9. I think everyone, or atleast almost everyone has had cancer close to them.
    This is a bad thing to hear, i wish him luck!
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  12. There's a cancer for pretty much everything in the body. And there's different 'forms' of it that all have different amounts of 'strengths' So, probably about a couple million. If there were to be a cure, a couple more million.

    I hope your friend beats cancer's butt, Choongjae. I know how it feels to lose somebody to cancer, and to have somebody beat it :)
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  13. He will be in my prayers tonight. Cancer is a terrible thing.
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  14. My best wishes to your friend. I have had family members die due to cancer. Best of luck to him! :)
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  15. I don't know whether or not you're trying to make a reference to the whole 'it's over 9,000' thing, but if you are, it's not the time for memes, mate.

    I wish your friend a speedy recovery, Choong. Medicine has never been more modern, so I think that despite how awful the outlook may seem, he has a good chance.
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  16. I'll admit, I do not pray. We all put our faith into things - some people put theirs into god. Their family. Their friends. I do not put faith into a god - I believe everything is how it is, but I put my faith into teamwork. We always have things that put us down but I find that the thing that makes everyone the happiest and helps the most, is teamwork. Everyone being there for each other. As I said, I do not pray, but when it comes down to a fellow team mate, one you have faith in, being put down by whatever it is, cancer, a mental condition, whatever it may be, you have faith in them, and you hope that they make it through - in most cases, the faith of the team makes everything stronger. I think that makes sense, and I have faith and hope for your friend Choong, and their family, as a team.
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