Power Suit - Enchanted Diamond Armor and Sword (all level IV)

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  1. Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I present the ultimate power suit for auction.

    As pictured, this auction lot contains:

    Diamond Helmet - Protection IV
    Diamond Chestplate - Fire Protection IV
    Diamond Leggings - Protection IV
    Diamond Boots - Protection IV
    Diamond Sword - Sharpness IV

    All items guaranteed to be completely fresh and unused. The items pictured are the items up for auction (no "stock photos" used).

    This suit combines the best in general protection from damage as well as fire protection in one integrated package!

    Opening Bid: 12,000 6000 Rupees
    Bid Increment: 1,000 Rupees
    Auction Ends: 24 hours after the last bid (EMC Forum Time).

    Once payment is received, items will be delivered to winner at my residence 3296 on SMP2.

    Thank you for your kind attention.
  2. Cut opening bid in half.
  3. 8000

    [Edit] I typed wrong, i mean 7000.
  4. 7000 it is, thanks for the bid.
  5. Noproblem. I hope somebody else bids, this set going for 7000rupees is a bad deal for you :D

    I also hope i get this for 7000rupees because it will be a nice deal for me tho :D And the fire protection4 kinda ruins the set :p
  6. Thanks for the bid, Dreacon!

    Fire protection ruins the set? Do tell?

    When I am mining I like having protection from everything at once. :cool:

    But if mixing it up makes it less appealing, I will keep that in mind for the future.
  7. I only find fire protection good when there is pvp. On a server like this regular protection is better. Or unless you take a lava bath :p
  8. Well that is just the point. When mining/cavern exploring you face three dangers: suffocation from sand/gravel, mobs and lava. This helps with all three (assuming you use your sword to dig yourself out of gravel/sand), saving the time it takes to run back from your bed to the mines hoping your stuff wasn't destroyed in the lava. :cool:
  9. I'll stop this here because its getting of topic (Auction)
  10. juggernaut gear, seems legit.
  11. If this was a PvP server.......I would not want to be fighting the owner of this armor
  12. if allowed 12k and a unbreaking III, fortune II, efficiency III diamond pick
  13. No, it isn't allowed, because there is no way to accurately value your bid. The minimum bid increment is 1000r, and your bid is actually 3k lower than the last one!

    The closest you could get is to offer the seller to value your pick and then just bid the total of your bid + the valuation of your pick (if he agrees to it being part of the bid).
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