Potato's Enchanted Book Service

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  1. Ok :p
  2. 5 looting 3 books please = 5000r
  3. Ok ill try my best :)
  4. Ummm i think u also looked at the wrong book in the catalog. :p the price on a lotting III is 1,550 each. Do you still want that order?
  5. Well I tossed him my nearly dead pick and within 30 seconds he hopped servers and tossed me an unused one. Will buy your repairs again in the future ^_^
  6. :)
  7. please cancel my order then, ill probably reorder soon from you. Would you mind putting the catalog back up so I can make a new order?
  8. Just pm me with what you will want, and i will give you the same price.
  9. I am sure I double checked the price before ordering several times, and now you have removed the prices I can not check. Other people also seem to have misread the prices according to this thread, this seems to be the same as running rhinos problem. I may order at another time, but not at the minute sorry.